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Junior Courses

This class provides ideal exercise opportunities for children with ASD aged 7-12 years
Univision Community Trust cooperates with North Shore Harbor Sports to create a basketball course.
Gymnastics Class for ASD Kids, organised by Univision Community Trust in collaboration with Sport Auckland and YMCA Ellerslie.
With the support of Foundation North, Sports Auckland and Univision Community Trust are planning to offer boxing class for Asian youth in the Howick area.
Chess helps to improve young people's attention, strengthen their psychological quality, and improve their logical thinking ability and calculation ability.
Taught in small classes, and the teacher will tailor it according to the students' preferences and needs.
Learn electronic piano, love music, experience and feel music, cultivate sentiment and develop intelligence.
Singing can improve artistic accomplishment, so that children can become strong and brave without fear of resistance when they encounter setbacks in their growth.
Univision Community Trust, the century-old Ngatira Tennis Club and Sparta Tennis Academy offered a community tennis course for youth in Mt Eden of central Auckland.
For teenagers with long bodies, you can learn jazz and Hip Hop to shape their bodies, prevent hunchbacks, and reduce stress and relaxation.
Univision has Creative Painting and Art Skill Development based on age and student preferences.
Since 2012, the Junior Golf Course has been held, and after more than 10 years, Univision has promoted golf at the price of ordinary people, trained many outstanding students, and accumulated many successful experiences.

Adult Courses

Univision English Class is suitable for all those who want to improve their spoken English and improve their quality of life in New Zealand.
Inflatable volleyball is a mass sport that integrates sports, leisure and entertainment. As a new sport, it has been loved by more and more middle-aged and elderly friends. Inflatable volleyball is purely "Made in China".
《Toolbox》Parenting Class helps you become a good parent.
Singing is a hobby of many people. Touching songs are not only pleasant to listen to, but also good for physical and mental health. If you want to further improve your singing skills and have a better artistic appeal, you must accept comprehensive and scientific vocal training.
Univision guitar is taught in small classes, and teachers will tailor them according to students' preferences and needs.
Univision Community Trust, the century-old Ngatira Tennis Club offered a community tennis course in Mt Eden of central Auckland.
Improve the coordination and rhythm of the body, interpret clothing, control the stage, and at the same time enhance personal temperament and fashion aesthetic ability, radiate the brilliance of life. Step forward in fashion and achieve an elegant life.
Univision helps safety with heart, prevents drowning and ensures safety – water safety public welfare classes/training

Give a little. Help the community.

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