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About Us

Univision Community Trust (UCT) is New Zealand Registered Charity (Organisation Registration number: CC51227).
We are aiming at providing educational and cultural programs to the local community, particularly for youth and seniors.
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Landline: 09-6241341
WeChat: 64221336578
WhatsApp: 64221336578

Email: [email protected]

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Univision Community Trust

Univision is a step towards a better future with the power of learning. We are a New Zealand Charitable trust. The desired aim of our group is to provide quality education. Our primary focus is to support the Chinese community. The study programs we offer are for every age. As we believe, learning is a lifetime process to strengthen your mind and soul.

Our Vision

Univision even has the word “vision” in its name! We have connected many people for a decade with our quality educational resources. Now, our vision is to keep adding value to people’s lives. Every young person has the right to explore life-altering courses. It will shape their future towards growth.

At the same time, older people can learn new things to live happily. It will be a great way to add new hobbies and remain occupied.

“With lifelong learning, support to learn is also a lifetime effort. Univision is dedicated to putting in the effort.”

Our Mission 

Univision has a mission to provide high-quality educational programs. The learning materials nourish the heart and brain of people with community education. For youth, we provide educational and cultural programs. These are designed to build confidence, better academic achievements, and more.

Our well-crafted study programs cultivate creativity in the students. We want to help people in developing their versatile talents. Besides, we have a community donation course for everyone. People interested in this charity class can enter by making a little donation. Yes, it is possible with the addition of learning!