Junior Chess

Chess helps to improve young people’s attention and concentrate on the ever-changing chessboard; secondly, it helps to strengthen their psychological quality, and they can think calmly when encountering difficulties; and it can improve their logical thinking ability and calculation ability, and help young people learn to calculate and analyze subsequent chess moves moves and a well-structured chessboard plan.

Date: 28/7/2024-22/9/2024, 9 classes in total

Class location: Botany Library, 588 Chapel Road, East Tāmaki, Auckland 2013

Course time:

Beginner Class: Sunday 12:00-13:00

Tuition: $25/hour, $225 per term

Class type: suitable for 6-14 years old, zero foundation, 10 people per class

Contact Details

If you are interested in the program, please feel free to reach out by phone, WeChat, email, or visit our website to browse and inquire.

Website: www.univision.org.nz

Email: [email protected]

WeChat: Univision-Emily

Tel: 09-6241341

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East Auckland
6-14 years old

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