ASD Sunshine Junior Tennis

Welcome to our junior community tennis class, the perfect starting point for young tennis enthusiasts eager to learn the game and have a blast on the court. Our program is designed to introduce children to the fundamentals of tennis, from mastering the basics of forehand and backhand strokes to understanding the rules of the game. Our passionate and experienced coaches are here to create a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere where kids can develop their skills, make new friends, and ignite a lifelong passion for tennis. Whether your child is taking their first swing at tennis or looking to build a strong foundation, our junior Tennis class is the ideal place to start. We can’t wait to see your young athletes on the courts, ready to have fun and learn the game of tennis!

Course information

Sunshine Tennis (Free ASD Tennis Group) 

This program provides an ideal opportunity for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) between the ages of 5-15 to engage in physical activities that they might otherwise struggle to access due to barriers.
Children with ASD often experience anxiety in crowded environments, and their behaviours are frequently misinterpreted, limiting their access to a wide range of activities. These children need the care and support of society as a whole. However, there is a lack of activity options specifically designed for children and adolescents with ASD in the market, and even when available, the costs are often beyond the budget of many families.
What we offer:
1. A coach-to-student ratio of 2:1 at the beginning of the tennis lessons, with two coaches assigned to one student to ensure their integration into the program.
2. All coaches are well-trained club members, who have an understanding of the behavioural characteristics of children with ASD.
3. A course coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the entire program.
4. Registered psychologists and student volunteers specialising in educational psychology will provide assistance during the classes.
5. Lunch will be provided after the lessons.
6. Psychological counsellors will provide guidance to the coaches to help them better interact with the students.
7. Specially designed tennis equipment and kids rackets will be provided.
Date: 5/5/2024-30/6/2024 (Every fortnight, 5 sessions in total)
Time: Sunday 11:00-13:00
Suitable for: Children with special needs
Age: 5-15 years old
Location: 24 Clive Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
11:00-12:00: Tennis class
12:00-13:00: Shared lunch
What you need to bring: Sun hat, water bottle, a plate to share
Fee: Free

Contact details

If you are interested in the program, please feel free to reach out by phone, WeChat, email, or visit our website to browse and inquire.
WeChat: Univision-Emily
Tel: 09-6241341


This class provides ideal exercise opportunities for children with ASD aged 7-12 years

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ASD Tennis: 24 Clive Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Free ASD Sunshine Tennis: 5-15 years old

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