Adult Golf

Univision Community Trust has been committed to golf popularization projects for nearly 10 years. Univision promotes golf at the price of ordinary people.

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Street Jazz Dance

Street jazz dance is easy to learn, and many parts of the body can be exercised. It has many benefits for enhancing body coordination, balancing the center of gravity, relaxing muscles, and strengthening bones.

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Tai Chi / Qi Gong

The Univision Tai Chi and Qigong classes have been running for ten years and are quite famous in Auckland. Courses are offered in the Central District, North Shore and East District.

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Physical Training Class

The course will be based on the basic situation of students, tailor-made effective study plan, step by step. After training, to achieve the trinity of fitness, heart and bodybuilding, vigorous and energetic.

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Classical Body Rhyme Dance

Once you have practiced your movements and rhythm well, your movements will have more charm and beauty. Take everyone to experience this kind of dance charm of wanting to advance and sinking, and wanting to be left and right.

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Chinese Folk Dance

Through everyone’s finished dance works, I can really see that the students have changed from novice Xiaobai to more and more charming. Look at everyone’s heartfelt confession, better than a thousand words of copywriting.

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Adult Modeling Class

Improve the body coordination and sense of rhythm, interpretation of clothing, control the stage, in the enhancement of personal temperament and fashion aesthetic ability at the same time, radiate the brilliance of life. Take the fashion step, the achievement of elegant life.

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Adult Tennis

Let novice students feel the charm of tennis

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Adult Guitar

Small group class, teaching focuses on cultivating interest in guitar, and the classroom atmosphere is relaxed

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Adult Vocal

Singing is a hobby of many people. Touching songs are not only pleasant to listen to, but also good for physical and mental health. If you want to further improve your singing skills and have a better artistic appeal, you must accept comprehensive and scientific vocal training.

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