North Shore Junior Basketball

Playing basketball can improve physical fitness, enhance physical fitness, cultivate interest, exercise coordination, and improve immunity. Playing basketball regularly can also make people feel happy, vent their troubles, and improve self-confidence and social skills. Playing basketball is a very rewarding sport that everyone should try.

Term 2

Date: 4/5/2024-6/7/2024 (1/6/2024 & 22/6/2024 & 29/6/2024 no class), 7 classes

Time: Every Saturday 13:00-15:00

Age: 7-15 years old

Location: East Coast Bays Leisure Center (12 Bute Road, Browns Bay, Auckland)

Tuition: $175, you can join classes at any time during the course

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If you are interested in the program, please feel free to reach out by phone, WeChat, email, or visit our website to browse and inquire.
Tel: 09-6241341

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7-15 years old

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