Junior Guitar

The benefits of learning guitar for teens Develop intelligence.

Studies have shown that the movement of fingers becomes the basis for children’s intellectual development. Playing the guitar requires moving both hands, especially the flexible ten fingers. Regular finger movement in childhood can effectively exercise the function of the brain and develop the potential of the brain as soon as possible. Improve emotional intelligence. People have different personalities and express different ways of speaking and doing things. Music is just a special language, which enables people with different personalities to express their emotions in their own unique way.

Univision Guitar courses is taught in small classes, and the teacher will tailor it according to the students’ preferences and needs. Various types of guitars can be used so that each student can achieve full success through learning and gain a lot!

Term 1 Class Details:

Class Date: 2/2/2024-5/4/2024 (29/3/2024 no class), 9 lessons

Time: 10:00-20:00 every Friday (half-hour or one-hour courses are arranged during this time period)


Class Date: 4/2/2024-7/4/2024 (31/3/2024 no class), 9 lessons

Time: 16:00-18:30 every Sunday (half-hour or one-hour courses are arranged during this time period)


Class location: 3 Campbell Road, Royal Oak, Auckland 1061 (entrance on Mount Smart Road, opposite KFC)

Tuition: 2 or more persons class: $28/h per person;

One-to-one class: $28/30mins per session,.

Contact details

If you are interested in the program, please feel free to reach out by phone, WeChat, email, or visit our website to browse and inquire.

Website: www.univision.org.nz

Email: admin@univision.org.nz

WeChat: Univision-Emily

Tel: 09-6241341

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Central Auckland
1v1 $28/30mins; 1v2 $28/1hr

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