Junior Singing

When each of us recalls childhood, what makes us most memorable and happy is singing and music. Singing can improve artistic accomplishment so that children can become strong and brave without fear of resistance when they encounter setbacks in their growth. Univision invited Kerry, an experienced teacher from NZ Modern School of Music, to teach.

Course content

1. Through participating experience, cultivate students’ interest in music and expand their musical horizons. Develop musical experience and aesthetic ability.

2. According to the emotional experience of the song, sing the song naturally with emotion.

3. Master the correct and scientific singing posture, breathing and articulation, and correct bad singing habits.

4. Cultivate and develop students’ creativity and imagination, and actually carry out music practice activities.

Term 3: 10 lessons in total (22/7/2023-23/9/2023)
Central location: 3 Campbell Rd, Royal Oak 1061 (entrance on Mount Smart Road, opposite KFC Road)
Class time: 9:00-15:45 every Saturday (one hour course can be arranged during this time)
Tuition: Small group class, at least 2 people in a class, $22/h per person, $220 per term.

Contact details

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Email: admin@univision.org.nz
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Tel: 09-6241341

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