Junior Tennis

A protracted COVID-19 pandemic has, to some extent, changed the way each of us lives. There have also been some changes in our tendency to choose after-school interest classes for our children. Outdoor sports are considered by more people as the first choice for exercising and enhancing physical fitness. You can see it through our popular golf lessons program.

In order to allow the majority of young people to have more opportunities to contact professional non-team competitive sports outdoor projects, after nearly a semester of research and negotiation, Univision has joined hands with the century-old Ngatira Tennis Club and Sparta Tennis Academy. Mt Eden in central Auckland offers community tennis courses for youth.

Why choose tennis?

Learning Tennis for Balanced Muscle Building

Tennis movement requires agile steps, swinging and hitting the ball need to mobilize the muscles of the waist, abdomen, back, upper limbs, etc., especially the upper limbs that cannot be fully exercised in other sports, in tennis, the coordination of the upper limbs The demands of exertion are higher, and the exercise is more sufficient.

Learn Tennis Special Exercise Cardiopulmonary Function

Any sport pays attention to breathing coordination, and the same is true of tennis; in particular, there are a lot of chest expansion movements in tennis, and the thoracic range of motion is very large, which is very beneficial to the improvement of lung capacity.

Learning tennis is helpful for the exercise of psychological quality and thinking ability such as stress resistance and decision-making

Tennis is a competitive game. Children need to judge the direction of the incoming ball in an instant back-and-forth confrontation, and make corresponding judgments about their positioning. Nerve and body muscle responses work together efficiently and closely. The long-term agile response exercise enables children who play tennis to have better and faster thinking and reflexes, and make their daily learning smarter.

Learn tennis and have a lifelong sport

Tennis can be fast or slow, entertaining and fighting, with high control and fun. Like golf, both men and women, young and old, can participate in tennis from 3 to 90 years old. Teenagers focus on growth, young adults focus on hard work, and middle-aged and elderly people focus on exercise.

Course information

Community Tennis

Term 3: 10 lessons in total (23/7/2023-24/9/2023)
Class location: 24 Clive Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Course time: Every Sunday 9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00
Student requirements: zero foundation, 7-12 years old
Class size: 8 people
Fee: $12 per class, $120 per term

Donation ASD Sunshine Tennis 

This program provides an ideal opportunity for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) between the ages of 7-12 to engage in physical activities that they might otherwise struggle to access due to barriers.

Children with ASD often feel anxious in crowded places, and their behaviors are often misunderstood by others, which limits their opportunities for participation in various activities. These children need the care and support of society as a whole. However, there is a lack of activity options specifically designed for children and adolescents with ASD in the market, and even when available, the costs are often beyond the budget of many families.

Why choose tennis?

Compared to team sports, individual sports like tennis can provide the physical, social, and psychological development that these children need. Children with ASD can benefit from participating in tennis activities as it can improve fine and gross motor skills, overall fitness levels, auditory and visual processing skills, attention and cognitive abilities, as well as language and social skills, while promoting discipline and reducing stress.

What we offer:

  • A coach-to-student ratio of 2:1 at the beginning of the tennis lessons, with two coaches assigned to one student to ensure their integration into the program.
  • All coaches are trained club members with a background in psychology, thus understanding the behavioral characteristics of children with ASD.
  • A course coordinator will oversee the entire program.
  • Registered psychologists and student volunteers specializing in educational psychology will provide assistance during the classes.
  • Shared lunches will be provided after the lessons.
  • Psychological counselors will provide guidance to the coaches to help them better interact with the students.
  • The program includes specially designed tennis equipment and rackets for children, eliminating the need for parents to purchase them separately.

Please note that the translation is provided based on the information given, and it’s always recommended to double-check with the original source for accuracy.

Term 3: 10 lessons in total (2/7/2023-19/11/2023)
Student requirements: ASD Kids, 7-12 years old
Class location: 24 Clive Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

Course time: Sundays 11:00-13:00, once every two weeks, for a total of 11 sessions.

Note: From 11:00-12:00 is dedicated to tennis training, and from 12:00-13:00 is allocated for lunch sharing and experiential exchange.

Class size: 8 people
Fee: Free

Contact details

Interested friends are welcome to call, WeChat, email or log in to the website to browse and consult.
Website: www.univision.org.nz
Email: admin@univision.org.nz
WeChat: Emily81096892
Tel: 09-6241341


Univision Community Trust, the century-old Ngatira Tennis Club and Sparta Tennis Academy offered a community tennis course for youth in Mt Eden of central Auckland.

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