Water Safety Activity

Life is precious, and it is urgent to improve residents’ awareness of water safety.

Looking back at 2022, there were 94 drowning incidents in New Zealand, a number that far exceeded the average of the past ten years and was the highest number in a decade. Swimming, boating, and accidental falling into the water are the main causes of drowning accidents.
The Water Safety Authority of New Zealand (WSNZ) predicts based on modeling that 2023 may be the most serious year for drowning accidents in this century. As of October 31, 75 people have drowned in New Zealand this year, and 75 families have suffered huge damage. Even more worrying is that New Zealand will have a hotter than usual summer due to the influence of El Niño in the Pacific. WSNZ modeling predicts that there may be more than 100 drowning accidents in New Zealand in 2023. This worrying prediction is a warning to all people living in New Zealand that as water activities become more and more frequent as the hot and dry summer approaches, more Water safety should be your top priority.

For the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your friends and family on the water, we sincerely invite you to join the Univision Community Trust, Sport Auckland’s ActivAsian and Drowning Prevention Auckland to jointly bring benefits to the Asian community. Come to the water safety class.

Activity dates: January 21, 2024

Activity time: Theme lecture – 13:00-14:30, water practice – 15:00-17:00

Class location: YMCA Cameron Pool & Leisure Center (53 Arundel Street, Mt Roskill, Auckland)

Other requirements: Water practical class requirements: Please bring your own swimsuit and swimming cap. The age requirement is 12 years or above. There is no swimming skill requirement.

Items to prepare: swimsuit, swimming cap

Registration fee: $5/person/time (refreshments and water provided)

Contact details

If you are interested in the program, please feel free to reach out by phone, WeChat, email, or visit our website to browse and inquire.
Website: www.univision.org.nz
Email: admin@univision.org.nz
WeChat: Univision-Emily
Tel: 09-6241341

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